Eucalyptus - Globulus and Radiata

Eucalyptus is found in our bath bomb products here as well as the muscle moosher body butter bar. Both kinds are used to help soothe sore muscles as well as help the respiratory system. As a fragrance, they promote overall health, purification, and healing, which is why you often see them in store bought epsom salt bags. Here, we use therapy grade essential oils for the purest form of eucalyptus we can get. No additions or fillers to make it "smell better". The oils speak for themselves. These oils smell incredible, and when combined with peppermint (as is done in many of our products) are great for muscle soreness recovery, head tension, and a helpful anti-inflammatory! Check out our muscle soother bath bombs for the biggest muscle recovery kick or our body butter bar for direct application on your overworked bits!

Sarah Svejcar